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Example Questions We Build Into Our Teaching Videos On Youtube

On 1 Samuel 24

1) Have you ever been duped or nearly duped into “buying in” to something that in hindsight was too good to be true?  What was it?   What happened?

2) Have you ever experienced a trial or testing immediately after choosing to step up and follow where Jesus was leading you?  What was it?  How did you feel and think about the trial/testing when it was happening?

3) What role does our expectations play in our confusion and frustration with God sometimes?

4) List a few different forces that impact our unrealistic expectations sometimes?

5) What are the dangers of using open and closed doors as rationale for our decisions?

6) What were some of the human emotions and desires David would have had to overcome to not kill Saul in this moment?  Was Saul’s behaviour worthy David’s respect and mercy?

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