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What is a CATALYST Group?

A Catalyst Group is a missional community that fosters belonging, conversations, hospitality, and generosity.  
-We learn about the person and teachings of Jesus and discuss how to live out His teachings in our daily lives. 
-We pray for one another and for our friends who haven't yet experienced God's love for them
-We serve one another using the talents, skills, and life experience God has given us
-We celebrate how we have discovered and met needs in the lives of people in our workplaces, our neighbourhoods and in our communities.
-We enjoy a meal togethe
r (groups collaborate on the lunch details), laugh together, and encourage one another
-We Collaborate on, plan, and evaluate community service projects each group initia
tes and plans once per month (examples may include: helping at a food bank, serving a local school, serving at a retirement home, planning a neighbourhood block party/bbq, walking alongside a recently immigrated person or family)


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Many of our Catalyst Groups have programming for toddlers through 7th grade.  Learn more here!

Typical Schedule for a Sunday Morning Catalyst Group

10:00am-10:30am, Arrive at host home, enjoy coffee & fellowship


10:30am-10:35am, Watch welcome and announcements video on Youtube (Kids dismissed to alternate spaces for SPARK programming if at a group that offers it)


10:35am-10:45am, Partner up in prayer groups of 2-3 people


10:45am-12:00pm, Teaching with discussion questions sprinkled throughout via pre-filmed Youtube video by Mike, or live teaching by *Catalyst Teaching Team members


12:00pm-1:00pm, Lunch Together (Kids return to join the lunch time with the adults for groups that offer SPARK programming)  


*To become a member of the Catalyst Teaching Team, we have an assessment and training system to ensure consistent teaching experiences across all groups, and Teaching Team Members receive Mike's message outline and pre-filmed teaching one week before to allow them time to prepare.  Teaching team members can also tag team with Mike by teaching some parts live, and allowing Mike's Youtube video to cover the rest.


See examples of the types of questions we discuss in Catalyst Groups here

Once per month, all of our Catalyst groups from across Oakville and Burlington gather to worship together at Loyola Secondary School in Oakville before we enjoy lunch together (Such as Longos Deli Sandwiches for adults and Pizza for the kids etc.) and breakout into team huddles for a brief time of equipping, fellowship, and encouragement (learn more here about our team huddles).

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How do I get plugged into a Catalyst Group?

For Our Launch

Although our usual schedule will only have us all together once per month at Loyola Secondary School, we will be meeting all together at Loyola Secondary School for our first 3 Sundays (February 26, March 5, & March 12) to allow some time for everyone to get to know one another and create groups based on your input and a variety of factors (mainly geography and families with kids).  You will also have a chance to learn more about our group leaders as well.  

We will be asking guests to fill out the following survey at our Grand Opening.  If you'd like to join a connect group and are able to fill out the following survey now, it can help us better organize our group "speed dating" segments on March 5th and 12th.  Fill out our Catalyst Group Survey here

After March 12, 2023

We will launch new groups as we are able to do so following March 12.  Those interested in joining a Catalyst group are encouraged to fill out the "Join a Catalyst Group" or "Start a Catalyst Group" buttons so our leadership team can connect with those interested and plug them in as soon as possible.


First time guests are always encouraged and invited to join us at our monthly worship service at Loyola Secondary School, our Catalyst Coffee Houses every other month, as well as our Catalyst events, to connect with people from all of our groups.  


We provide a few on ramps and off ramps each year for new people to plug into an existing group as well as for people to try different groups should they desire to do so.

We welcome anyone who would like to join us for this journey, but we also recognize that we have a unique approach to church that may not appeal to everyone.  Please check out our "You'll Love Us If..." page to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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