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Building Authentic Community & Bridges to Faith In Jesus As We Serve Together

What is Catalyst

Catalyst is a network of house churches that operate as one church in multiple locations.  We gather our house churches together once per month to worship together, and we are seeking to expand our network across Southern Ontario. 

Our Why
Because we are passionate about... 

*peer to peer discipleship through authentic community

*building authentic relationships with people outside the church

*reproducing churches in a scalable and sustainable way

*being the hands and feet of Jesus in our cities as we serve

Find Your Place In The Story

Do you sense God's leading to use your gifts and experience in a church model that better resembles the early church?  We are praying for God to help us connect with lay people across Ontario that seeking to plug in and serve in one of the following areas.

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Collaborate with and coach our Elder team on how to scale expansion of our network across Ontario

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Help host our online and in person gatherings, or serve on our video team, editing team, & sound tech team

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Collaborate with our Elder team to develop a house church leadership pipeline of house church leaders as well as discussion facilitators. 

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Help put "social" back in social media and invite people in our cities into the story of what God is doing

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Help explore and plan serving opportunities in our region for house churches in our network 

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Participate in our worship ministry online and in person


Learn more by exploring the pages below, or reach out to Mike Hauser to schedule a coffee or zoom call.
Mike Hauser,, or call 289.427.5959

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